We Are What We…Wear!

Can Fashion be Green? Sustainability is the new hot trend in Fashion! Recycled apparel made under ethical conditions and organic materials are the number one topic in the fashion industry! (I guess a vegan would say “Be green, from the inside to the outside”.)

But what is sustainable fashion?

“Sustainable fashion is about being kind to our environment, responsible with our resources and treating our fellow garment workers like human beings. This means looking at the tag, using what you have and being creative in our wardrobe choices” (Undress Runways, about, n.d.).

There is a whole movement against unethical fashion apparel and of course bloggers couldn’t be missing!

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Hello I am a…Vegan?

Being a vegan is not what you eat but your whole lifestyle; a lifestyle which is getting bigger and bigger day by day. But let’s take things from the beginning…

What is a vegan?

A vegan is a loyal follower of veganism. Vegans do not believe in killing animals in order to eat them or any products that come from them (dairy, milk, cheese, eggs, butter etc.)  Also, being a vegan means that you do not buy or wear clothing or jewelry made from animals (leather, fur). Their belief is that animals are beings that feel the pain they have emotions and they also deserve to live without the fear of torture and death so to become food or clothing.

How though, can veganism be connected with digital life?

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Fitness “mentors”?

As the years go by and our lives become more and more digitalized, communities seek for leaders. Fitness is a very hot topic the last years, everyone adopts healthy eating habits, they go for running, they become gym members…

Who is though behind all this fit-trend movement?

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Don’t look at your closet…the answer is in Blogs!

It’s early in the morning and I’m drinking my usual morning coffee while I’m scrolling down my Instagram home-page and I couldn’t help but wonder, why do I follow so many fashion accounts although I don’t know any of them? Even my search-page suggests to follow people promoting clothes, cosmetics, shoes, anything about fashion…

So, this led me to question, what’s all this madness with fashion bloggers? Although this fashion blogging is too recent, it seems that people are getting crazy about it, almost (dare to say) craving for the bloggers’ fashion advices.

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