What can an image reveal about the user’s character?

Statistics have shown that users of social media networks upload 350 million new photos per day. As far as Facebook is concerned, it is believed that each user of Facebook has uploaded on average 217 picturesSince pictures are influential it is interesting to see what posts of images can reveal about user’s personality.

Surveys reveal that extroverts upload more often photos than introverts.  As the term extravert reveals, these people are more sociable. As a result, it can be easily seen that extroverts tend to upload more images from their social life. The main reason for this is the upkeeping with their networks and their friends. Take for instance, a sociable person who loves going outside and spending time with his friend. This person is more prone to uploading photos of a bar he had visited or of new cuisine he has just tried.

Moreover, neuroticism is related the posting of images. Major characteristics of neuroticism are stress and anxiety. “Since neurotic people struggle with communication and social skills, researchers believe they use photos on Facebook as a means to express themselves.” (Morin, 2014). More specifically, more posts with images is believed to be done by neurotic users rather than with others. This is due to the seeking of social support and the obtainment of online popularity. A greater number of photos per album is also believed to be done by neurotic people in a try to give a positive presentation of themselves.  They specifically use images to show a happy image of their personality and the ability to maintain a good communication with their friends.

Another aspect about users’ personality, is also revealed through the permission of tagging users at a photo. A study on 2012 revealed that if a person is agreeable it is more likely to have photos on Facebook with his friend. Because acceptable people tend to be less antagonistic and behave more friendly it is possible to take a photo with their friend and upload it on social platforms.

Finally, conclusions about the character of the users can be made through the organization of the photos been uploaded. It can be easily concluded that conscientious people organize carefully their photos. Since this category of people do not have a lot of spare time, when they use social platforms they do it in an organized way. For instance, they may organize their pictures according the content or the place they have taken.

Summing up, it can be easily concluded that the posts we upload say things about the user’s personality. It is widely accepted that “Facebook not only reveals how we use ourselves, our profiles also provide insight into how others perceive us” (Morin, 2014).


– By Anna Pavlou

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