We Are What We…Wear!

Can Fashion be Green? Sustainability is the new hot trend in Fashion! Recycled apparel made under ethical conditions and organic materials are the number one topic in the fashion industry! (I guess a vegan would say “Be green, from the inside to the outside”.)

But what is sustainable fashion?

“Sustainable fashion is about being kind to our environment, responsible with our resources and treating our fellow garment workers like human beings. This means looking at the tag, using what you have and being creative in our wardrobe choices” (Undress Runways, about, n.d.).

There is a whole movement against unethical fashion apparel and of course bloggers couldn’t be missing!

Eco warrior princess, Fashion me green, Sustainably-chic and Tortoise and lady grey are only a few out of the many successful sustainable fashion bloggers! Sustainable fashion is a term that has been growing the last years along with the general conscious-healthy lifestyle.

Sustainably-chic is a great example of a full multifunctional blog. She engages her followers to the highest level of interaction. Apart from her blog posts, she has a “brands to love” section where she has small reviews of products and vouchers which can be used for extra discounts and an e-shop.


Natalie, owner of Sustainbly-chic and a fashion major graduate, reveals that during her studies, she learned a lot about waste and unethical treatment of employees. She wants to help in how things are done instead of being another mainstream supporter of this booming fashion industry. She even has her own accessory line La Petite N-Kay, 100% sustainable.



Lily Cole, Red Carpet 2016

Green fashion though doesn’t stop here. It has influenced even the Red-Carpet tradition! Suzy Amis Cameron (wife of James Cameron, Director of Titanic and Avatar) was looking for a very special and innovative way to spread the word about fashion sustainability…and she made it! She is the founder of the dress design contest called ‘Red Carpet Green Dress’, which takes place the last eight years. In this contest, designers worldwide are challenged to create a Red-Carpet dress and tuxedo made by environmentally and socially responsible fabrics.

In 2016, at the Red Carpet Green Dress contest, Vivienne Westwood created a gown made from recycled plastic bottles for Lily Cole.

Καταγραφή 6.PNG
Farm To Closet Is The Future Of Fashion

Marci Zaroffan Eco-Fashion pioneer, talks about sustainable fashion’s future to a video created by Huffington Post. What caught my attention though, was her statement: ” We hear the ‘we are what we eat’ well we’re also what we wear”.


Cotton Incorporated study

Interesting is, that although consumers have adopted more eco-friendly habits when the word sustainability pops up, they seem not to associate it with clothes. Words such as “environmentally-friendly” and “natural” are more familiar to them. In numbers, 51% of the shoppers say that “sustainable” is related to the durability or longevity of apparel and 14% reveals that they don’t even know what “sustainable” clothing means. Only 22% of shoppers connects the word “sustainable” with the environment (Cotton Incorporated, 2017.)


If Marci Zaroff is right; what if we are what we eat and we’re also what we wear, then are we really shifting towards a more green self-conscious society rather than a capitalist global power? Is it black or white situation? Do we choose or are we guided?

Food for thought… 😉


-By Vicky Krommyda


Stay Tuned… 


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