Where do we begin…Maybe a good start would be to introduce ourselves. We are three digital communicators, Giota, Anna and Vicky…So basically, we are the power of 3! Although in this blog each one of us is concentrating in different topics, we are all connected through our unlimited interest for social networks. Social networks have managed to enter in every part of our lives and now guess what…we’re on a urban (still) but digital life! By approaching this digital everyday life from different perspectives, is what makes us special, unique…what makes us THE DIGITALISTS.

I’m Vicky, I’m 24 and I study Digital Communication and Social Media as a master’s degree. I am Greek and I grew up in Athens, in this small CENTER of the world. I love travelling, I love diversity and I love meeting new people. I believe, the most important things to be taught are, history and foreign languages. With history we can understand who is it someone and with language we can communicate with someone…that’s pretty cool don’t you think? I do. I guess that’s all you need, talking and learning. That’s what I promise you to do in my section, “Blogging around”; to talk to you about everyday digital life-hot-topics and learn more about them.”

I’m Anna and I am 23 years old. I do my master degree in digital communication and social media. My bachelor background in anthropology learned me to respect people differences  and singularities. In my free time, I love taking pictures from my  daily life to capture the moments. In my section “The rise of the visual culture social media” I will write issues concerning the tremendous rise of photos at social networks.”

“She is the last of the 3 digitalists, who lately has been dividing her time among working, studying and growing up her son. She is trying hard to combine all these aspects of her life, but she never feels she is doing enough…Yeah, so she pretty much does nothing!

Next stop…Who knows? Her last project is Social Media. As a part of this occupation she belongs to the 3 authors of this blog, she is interested in reading and learning about Social Media and especially in their impact on Youth Culture. She is hoping the readers will enjoy her articles and comment on her thoughts.

You will probably want to know her name, you can call her Giota.” 

P.S We love feedback. Let us now what you think, leave your comments and let’s start a conversation …we’re the digitalists after all!