Don’t look at your closet…the answer is in Blogs!

It’s early in the morning and I’m drinking my usual morning coffee while I’m scrolling down my Instagram home-page and I couldn’t help but wonder, why do I follow so many fashion accounts although I don’t know any of them? Even my search-page suggests to follow people promoting clothes, cosmetics, shoes, anything about fashion…

So, this led me to question, what’s all this madness with fashion bloggers? Although this fashion blogging is too recent, it seems that people are getting crazy about it, almost (dare to say) craving for the bloggers’ fashion advices.

Is it the time for brands to start thinking of a partnership with the fashion bloggers? Is it them, to call the opinion leaders of today? and here cooome the questions..!!

Did you know that Paris Vogue has 2.6M followers and Vogue Italia has 1.2M followers on Instagram while the super huge famous fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni has 8.0M followers?

Chiara Ferragni

I guess that says it all. Fashion bloggers or Brand advocates…same thing!

They are moving and they are moving fast! So many luxury brands have signed  contracts with fashion bloggers and  the question is, why wouldn’t they? They turn followers into buyers and that’s all that matters!

For example, the Greek fashion bloggers, Nef & Nat, have been brand advocates of Louis Vuitton, Hogan, H&M, L’Oreal Paris, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Pinko, Nicholas Kirkwood, Intimissimi, Nike, Express and Qatar Airways. In 2015 they were awarded  fashion influencers of the year from Marie Claire magazine.

Nef & Nat


All this fashion bloggers trend though, seems to upset the magazines journalists who feel that they are losing ground. In the past, on the first row in run ways, most of the seats were taken from journalists and now fashion bloggers crash fashion’s front row. 

On the other hand, what makes bloggers so unique is that they are not just another brand who advertises its product; they discover, evaluate, suggest and advice their followers, they connect with them in a more authentic way than the brands do. They are not just creating content they engage their audience in discussions and they respond to them as their friend, because they’re one of us, not another supermodel.



Women and Social Media in 2012, study


Being a blogger though it’s not easy, it takes commitment, authenticity, passion. People will smell it if you are not honest with them. A successful blogger is the one that turns to be your best friend to advice you for that job interview outfit. Remember blogging is not about selling is about engaging.

Are you convinced?

Three more fashion bloggers’ profiles are just added on my Instagram follow list. I’m just saying….


– By Vicky Krommyda


Stay tuned…


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One thought on “Don’t look at your closet…the answer is in Blogs!

  1. After reading this article, I realized why fashion bloggers are so successful. They are using their passion and creativity to advice their followers as their friends and are gaining their trust by connecting with them.
    Bloggers are not only a trend but are very useful as well for many reasons. We all need a little fashion inspiration, especially nowadays with the economy being so bad and all the problems we are facing. Most of us cannot afford designer wardrobes, so this is one important reason where bloggers can help inspire us with budget friendly styles.
    Also as it’s mentioned in the article, it seems that bloggers not only gained their followers trust but also major brands prefer dealing with them since they turn their followers into buyers by influencing them. This of course, is making many industries unhappy like magazines, journalists, exc., who feel they are losing ground.
    Another interesting fact, according to a study made for which online source people prefer, is that the majority prefer blogs for information and Facebook for entertainment and friendship.
    From all the above, it seems that fashion bloggers have boosted blogs in a tremendous way and have convinced both their followers and suppliers because they are not just another brand who advertises its product, it takes commitment and authenticity to be a successful fashion blogger. So yes I am convinced too!

    -By Giota Gkika

    Eytan, D. (2016, July 21). Are Fashion Bloggers Able to Convert Followers into Buyers? Retrieved from


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