Which photos is better to keep private?

A widely issue today concerning the social media is the content that is uploaded. “The purpose of Facebook is to mirror your real self”. (Liberman, 2014). According to this, each user is available to post whatever he desires in order to reveal aspect of his personality. Due to the rise of technology and the installation of cameras at mobile phones users have the ability to take photos and simultaneously upload them at social media networks. However, do users always care about what they upload? And if so do they know what photos are better to keep them in private?

First of all, photographs including babies and children are better not to be uploaded. The reason? Many ingenious could use the photos and harm the children. Even though many would claim that they have adjusted their settings and the photos could only be viewed by their friends it is recommended not to post any kind of these photos. Hackers can easily break down the passwords and have access to your account. Moreover, just in case photos with children are uploaded it is suggested to remove any geotag location and their real names.

A second reason for not posting photos with children is concerned with ethical reasons. Since they are babies they do not know about what it has been uploaded. But which is the future cost? It is interesting to observe how children feel about their photos that are uploaded in the future. Take the case of a woman in Austria that violates her parents for not deleting images of her early childhood on Facebook.


Furthermore, it is important to mention not to upload photos which reveal personal information. Such information includes ID number, home address and boarding pass. The reasons are related to privacy. Imagine that you have left your home for holidays and you have mentioned this on Facebook and on a previous photo information about home address is  referred. In other words, the home is more exposed to burglars. Moreover , info such as boarding pass should not be uploaded due to the fact that they are sensitive data and hackers can easily harm you.

All things considered, it is important when uploading photos to take care of the content of the photos and not just think about how many likes a user will gain. “Today, we are in danger of developing a “Facebook Eye”: our brains always looking for moments where the ephemeral blur of lived experience might best be translated into a Facebook post; one that will draw the most comments and  likes.” (Jugerson, 2012)


-By Anna Pavlou


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One thought on “Which photos is better to keep private?

  1. Considering the fact that an 18 year-old girl from Austria sued her parents for having published her childhood photos from Facebook, as Anna mentioned in her article and published recently in international press, it is my turn to speak against the violation of personal life and details or photos of children in social media.
    First of all, we should realize that photos of a child are related to personal moments which may put it to an embarrassing condition, at the present or in the future, and once something is published we cannot be sure where all these is going to end up to.
    There is a high possibility that they will be used or processed by strangers and once a piece of information is uploaded on the Internet, it actually never goes away.
    Moreover, the fact that people are willing to share online their happiness related to their child’s baptism or other special moments, with their friends and relatives may end up to be used by nasty people. Anyone cannot only see but also process the photos and used them with any danger this may bring to the person depicted.
    The problem is that the majority of parents believe that posting personal photos of their children it is an innocent act, but the truth is it can turn out to be a disaster. Security is a high issue we should not ignore!

    -By Giota Gkika


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