LinkedIn and profile picture.

A new social network platform called LinkedIn was launched in 2003. Although, initially it didn’t engage many users, today it seems to be one of the biggest professional social networks. “It is the place to find other professionals and be found by other professionals”. (Schaffer, 2009). The main difference between LinkedIn and other social networks is its professionalism. This social network is ideal for community building and employment. Online community is thought to be a place where “people with shared interests or goals for whom electronic communication is a primary form of interaction”. (Dennis, Pootheri, Natarajan, 1998). Due to its professional character a major issue concerned nowadays is what type of photograph users should use as profile picture.

“A series of experiments by Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov reveal that all it takes is a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face, and that longer exposures don’t significantly alter those impressions”. (Wargo, 2016). It can be easily concluded that profiles pictures at social networks are important. LinkedIn is a professional network where mainly possible employers can see the user’s profile. It is important for the users to include a profile picture since they have more possibilities to get a job. The absence of a profile picture can be harmful. Low motivation and boredom are revealed through an incomplete profile.HR managers specifically are interested in knowing the person they are going to hire. Since a picture is a million words, many attributes of a person’s character can be delivered from a picture. For instance, an employer can understand if the user is sympathetic or not, if he is experienced and the case whether he has management qualifications.

What makes a good profile picture for LinkedIn network?

It is suggested to have a professional photographer taken the picture just in case a member of your family or a friend can’t take one. Α head photo is preferred since profile pictures tent to appear as thumbnails. The candidate’s face should be good presented to maximize the recognition by others.

An appropriate outfit is also desired. Users should be dressed professionally. Typically, outfits include dark colors and a shirt or blouse. Eccentric jewelry is better to be avoided as well as  hairstyles that hide the user’s face.

Smiling at the profile picture is also recommended.  Specifically, smiling in a natural way seems to be ideal since it makes the users appear more friendly and convenient to those that see the profile.

Lastly, profile pictures should be recent and consistent. Up to date photos as well as same pictures for most social media platforms are needed in order to make the user’s face be more recognizable and gain more views.

All things considered, LinkedIn is a professional network where mostly professionals see the profiles. It is major to have a profile picture since photographs humanizes profile and make the user more approachable.

αρχείο λήψης




-By Anna Pavlou


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