Fitness “mentors”?

As the years go by and our lives become more and more digitalized, communities seek for leaders. Fitness is a very hot topic the last years, everyone adopts healthy eating habits, they go for running, they become gym members…

Who is though behind all this fit-trend movement?


Fitness bloggers are getting big and they have loyal followers who would do everything to look like their mentors, as they call themselves. It’s a whole lifestyle you have to adopt in order to achieve their ideal promise, a perfect body. In order though to follow their fitness programs you have to pay the price. They sell video exercise programs, books, diets, organic teas and who in the world knows what else!!

The question is, do they really inspire people so to be called mentors, or do they see their followers as consumers of their products?


A study conducted by Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Survey reviled that the Generation Z (people over 20) are the most willing consumers to pay more for healthy and premium products. 


Fitness bloggers are basically the leaders of this health and wellness consuming market. They are extremely influential market consumers, they are the ones who show us the know-how and share their enthusiasm and experience to their followers.

Let’s take the case of Ashy bines. She is a huge fitness blogger and apart from the products she sales and the tutorials, she even goes on tours…YES TOURS, like a rockstar and everything! It’s like she is the leader of a huge squad. She is the best in this fitness blogging madness and she knows it. Having so loyal followers that increase day by day can only make her more powerful.


Ashy Bines Instagram account


These people are real leaders, there is certainly a phantom phenomenon created around them and they are more and more gaining ground every day. Their positivity, motivation, enthusiasm is so big that touches their audience in a very authentic way. They are connected with their audience in a way that no gym can.

Although it’s February start running ladies. Three months to June!

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-By Vicky Krommyda

Stay Tuned…

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