Online Teen Friendships. Are They Real?

Nowadays, social media have thoroughly invaded and been intergraded into lives of most teenagers. Undoubtedly, social networking is a very popular way of extending someone’s social connection.

Apart from making new friends, teens keep in touch with their existing ones. So, teens actually do spend time with their friends but their interaction takes place on social media. Continue reading “Online Teen Friendships. Are They Real?”


Why Is My Child Always Online?

Teenagers tend to keep themselves busy with online activities. In the pre Facebook era teenagers would be seen hanging out in the Malls or in the parks or talking with their friends on the phone. Parents were unsatisfied back then because hanging out purposelessly would seem inappropriate; however, nowadays they are really worried about their children’s online activities.

child online 1 Continue reading “Why Is My Child Always Online?”

Is That Really You?

Teenagers are identified as heavy users of social media as they go online more than any other demographic group. What is interesting here is the way teenagers are presented on Social Media and what sides of them are shown. Making a good impression by following a specific model is motivated by their desire not to be excluded. Continue reading “Is That Really You?”

How Social Media Influence Teenagers

10levels on intimacy

Every two minutes people check their smart phones looking for the latest news of their online friends, pictures of celebrities they follow on Instagram or just to make sure their last photo or status update has been Liked! Of course this is only an aspect of today’s social media. What none can deny is the popularity they are gaining day by day. Continue reading “How Social Media Influence Teenagers”

Social Media Support Youth Volunteerism

Being part of a team has always been a major issue for every human being. Especially young people who tend to be excluded from the society as part of the growing up procedure consider belonging somewhere to be very important. This is the reason why volunteerism is always a good idea. Continue reading “Social Media Support Youth Volunteerism”

LinkedIn and profile picture.

A new social network platform called LinkedIn was launched in 2003. Although, initially it didn’t engage many users, today it seems to be one of the biggest professional social networks. “It is the place to find other professionals and be found by other professionals”. (Schaffer, 2009). The main difference between LinkedIn and other social networks is its professionalism. This social network is ideal for community building and employment. Online community is thought to be a place where “people with shared interests or goals for whom electronic communication is a primary form of interaction”. (Dennis, Pootheri, Natarajan, 1998). Due to its professional character a major issue concerned nowadays is what type of photograph users should use as profile picture. Continue reading “LinkedIn and profile picture.”

Which photos is better to keep private?

A widely issue today concerning the social media is the content that is uploaded. “The purpose of Facebook is to mirror your real self”. (Liberman, 2014). According to this, each user is available to post whatever he desires in order to reveal aspect of his personality. Due to the rise of technology and the installation of cameras at mobile phones users have the ability to take photos and simultaneously upload them at social media networks. However, do users always care about what they upload? And if so do they know what photos are better to keep them in private? Continue reading “Which photos is better to keep private?”