Why Is My Child Always Online?

Teenagers tend to keep themselves busy with online activities. In the pre Facebook era teenagers would be seen hanging out in the Malls or in the parks or talking with their friends on the phone. Parents were unsatisfied back then because hanging out purposelessly would seem inappropriate; however, nowadays they are really worried about their children’s online activities.

child online 1 Continue reading “Why Is My Child Always Online?”


Is That Really You?

Teenagers are identified as heavy users of social media as they go online more than any other demographic group. What is interesting here is the way teenagers are presented on Social Media and what sides of them are shown. Making a good impression by following a specific model is motivated by their desire not to be excluded. Continue reading “Is That Really You?”

Social Media Support Youth Volunteerism

Being part of a team has always been a major issue for every human being. Especially young people who tend to be excluded from the society as part of the growing up procedure consider belonging somewhere to be very important. This is the reason why volunteerism is always a good idea. Continue reading “Social Media Support Youth Volunteerism”

What can an image reveal about the user’s character?

Statistics have shown that users of social media networks upload 350 million new photos per day. As far as Facebook is concerned, it is believed that each user of Facebook has uploaded on average 217 picturesSince pictures are influential it is interesting to see what posts of images can reveal about user’s personality.

Surveys reveal that extroverts upload more often photos than introverts.  As the term extravert reveals, these people are more sociable. As a result, it can be easily seen that extroverts tend to upload more images from their social life. The main reason for this is the upkeeping with their networks and their friends. Take for instance, a sociable person who loves going outside and spending time with his friend. This person is more prone to uploading photos of a bar he had visited or of new cuisine he has just tried. Continue reading “What can an image reveal about the user’s character?”

The new digital zone in the area of pictures

Nowadays more and more people take photos daily as compared with the previous years. A major reason for this, is that it isn’t needed to bring with you a camera. The last two decades a change in the era of cameras is observed. To be more specific, the 21st century  photography is digitalized however there are still many users who use the analog cameras. But let’s see what are the innovations that digital cameras have brought?

Digital cameras have a lot of advantages compared with the analog. To begin with, in comparison with the old analog cameras users have the ability to see at the screen what they have shoot. Moreover, new cameras use memory sticks for the storage of images. Although, many will claim that digital cameras are more expensive for someone to afford nowadays due to intense competition cost has reduced. Furthermore, it is believed to be more cheap since the user do not have to buy films every time he wants to shoot and print all the photographs he has taken since. Photos taken with digital cameras can be easily transferred to PCs and  displayed on TVs. Continue reading “The new digital zone in the area of pictures”