The new digital zone in the area of pictures

Nowadays more and more people take photos daily as compared with the previous years. A major reason for this, is that it isn’t needed to bring with you a camera. The last two decades a change in the era of cameras is observed. To be more specific, the 21st century  photography is digitalized however there are still many users who use the analog cameras. But let’s see what are the innovations that digital cameras have brought?

Digital cameras have a lot of advantages compared with the analog. To begin with, in comparison with the old analog cameras users have the ability to see at the screen what they have shoot. Moreover, new cameras use memory sticks for the storage of images. Although, many will claim that digital cameras are more expensive for someone to afford nowadays due to intense competition cost has reduced. Furthermore, it is believed to be more cheap since the user do not have to buy films every time he wants to shoot and print all the photographs he has taken since. Photos taken with digital cameras can be easily transferred to PCs and  displayed on TVs.

The capability of transferring the images at PCs has brought with its turn, many conveniences to the users. Pictures can be edited easily with platforms that are online or with programs usually given with the purchase of the camera. For example, an image can be easily made black and white with filter used, or we can alter the situation of having red eyes with a press of a button. Instagramis an instance of an online service where images can be edited. It was launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Cheyenne Foster. Users have the ability to edit the photos by using several filters the application has and later upload the picture at other social networks.

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How many times in the past did you wish your friend can see the photo you have taken at your last summer holidays? In the past, you have to print the photograph and give it to him. Things have changed. Since the images can be transferred at PCs it easy for them to send them because everybody is connected online. Moreover, images can be uploaded at social networks and your friend can see what you are doing. Let’s take for instance Facebook. “Facebook revealed in a white paper that its users have uploaded more than 250 billion photos, and are uploading 350 million new photos each day.” (Smith, 2013). The rapid rise of technology give users the capability of take a photo and just with a button share it with them friends.

Summing up, due to the profits of the digital cameras a generally abandon at the analog machines is observed. Sales verify this general tendency. Is the age of disappearance of analog cameras? The following years will show us.



– By Anna Pavlou


Stay tuned…



Smith, C. (2013, September 18). Retrieved from (n.d.).



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